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Some people wear marigold eyeshadow. Others buy the same pair of Adidas sneakers over and over. Still others paint the front door aquamarine, feel more loyal to products than brands, buy artisanal chocolate that isn’t artisanal chocolate, wear a flannel shirt when it’s not the 1990s anymore, go for the handlebar mustache, listen to angsty music, pay more for a less cushy vacation, live off the grid, go for the less perfect solution, learn Icelandic as a hobby, grow an afro, get the original outsider artist painting over the Picasso print, cover every inch of skin with tattoos, bristle at being labeled Millennials, do without in order to afford giving to charity, listen to records rather than stream, opt for clothes with no visible brand names, wear only black every single day, keep a birth name after marriage, deactivate Facebook for a week every quarter, buy a magazine that caters to 0.0001% of the population, shell out for a Shinola because it’s from Detroit, give more to non-profits with higher overhead, go hog wild with bumper stickers, open up a poetry bookshop despite all odds, choose freelancing over full-time work, read Fahrenheit 451 on a yearly basis, go to Brony conventions, sport espadrilles in the winter, record a protest song that no one else will ever hear, give away music to fans for free, refuse to watch South Park, only drink coffee out of Mason jars, wave a pride flag instead of an American flag, open yet another microbrewery, like a thousand causes on Facebook without donating a cent, purposely leave a smartphone at home, only eat at places reviewed on Yelp, include multiple hyphens in a bio, only buy matching lingerie sets, dress up like Bill Murray characters every Halloween, refuse to go to Starbucks, save up for Raleigh Denim jeans, download more mindfulness apps than shopping apps, wait in line all night for concert tickets, pay to see The Shining in theaters, seek notoriety through obscurity, and on and on and on.

Why people do what they do is up to them. But most of the time, their reasons boil down to a few essential drivers. Those core motivations are what this quiz is intended to uncover for anyone who takes it.